19" OZ Racing Wheel - Part no. HYAL400G4019

  • Model Number: AL400G4019
  • Subbrand: N
  • No of Components Per Product: 1
  • Wheel Diameter [in] 19
  • Rim Width [in] 8
  • Hub Bore Ø [mm] 67.1
  • Thread size M12x1.5
  • Offset [mm] 55
  • Bolt Diameter 5x114.3
$1,506.79 inc GST
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1 Single N Performance Wheel only.

A tasty looking set of O.Z. Racing Hyper GT wheels specifically for the PD i30N Offset.
10 Spoke alloy wheels measuring 19 by 8 inches, they weigh in at 9.4kg at each corner; thats a weight saving of about 4.5kg per corner.
They come with carbon-fibre hub cover with the N logo, lightweight racing nuts and can be wrapped in your same Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R rubber as it is a straight tyre swap application (or a tyre of your choosing).
These are light weight racing specification wheels, and Hyundai Australia have had to endure a gruelling engineering certification process to ensure these wheels are ADR compliant, and therefore will not affect your warranty on or off the track.
Price does not include tyres or fitting.

Includes Lightened Racing Wheel and Centre/hub cap.

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