Unveiling N Performance parts at Seoul Motor Show

"N Performance is for those who like to customise their cars for performance and uniqueness."
Customized parts made by N, which are applicable to N vehicles or regular Hyundai, will allow customers to taste the N feeling.

While the Veloster N is not available to the Australia market, the design queues will no doubt be in consideration for the i30 N, much like how the N Option debuted concepts can flow through to future Veloster N models.

N Performance parts to stimulate your senses on driving
Improve driving performance with lightweight forged wheels, high capacity brake calipers, high capacity brake pads, high performance suspension systems and Pirelli's 'P-Zero Corsa’

Aggressive N style completed by functional design
Enhance both aerodynamic and high-performance sensibility through a carbon hood, carbon front splitter, carbon side skirt, carbon diffuser, and carbon rear wing spoiler.

concept-veloster-n-section03-img01.jpg concept-veloster-n-section03-img02.jpg 
concept-veloster-n-section03-img03.jpg concept-veloster-n-section03-img04.jpg 

A cockpit, driver-focused and racing-inspired
Improve the sense of an interior luxury through aluminum gear knobs, Alcantara, and real carbon materials on various parts such as the sports bucket seat, headlining, A / B / C pillar, dashboard, center console, door trim, etc.

concept-veloster-n-section04-img01.jpg concept-veloster-n-section04-img02.jpg 
concept-veloster-n-section04-img03.jpg concept-veloster-n-section04-img04.jpg