WINMAX DOT 5.1 Racing Brake Fluid - Part no. HYWMBF1L

  • Product dimensions(cm): W:7.00 H:30.00 L:7.00
  • Model Number: WMBF1L
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Maintains high boiling point throughout it’s life due to atomic bonding technology in use at Winmax.
Designed to be used in the most severe motorsport conditions where regular brake temps reach over 800°C. Use for all motorsport applications.
  • Dry Boiling Point: 320°C / 608°F
  • Wet Boiling Point: 212°C / 413°F
 For all motorsport applications
The Winmax BF Racing Brake Fluid DOT 5 500mL is an all-round brake fluid engineered to maintain a high boiling point through its entire lifespan due to Winmax's innovative atomic bonding technology.

Designed to be used in all applications from performance street cars to high-intensity motorsport racing where disc brake temperatures often reach 800°C or more, the Winmax BF Racing Brake Fluid DOT 5.1 offers consistent brake pedal feel and a longer service life compared to other race fluids.

In addition, its new manufacturing method means the Winmax BF Racing Brake Fluid DOT 5 has a lower rate of moisture absorption.

Approved by Hyundai N Performance.

Additional Info

Width: 7.00
Height: 30.00
Depth: 7.00